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The new Mk2 FireCap target with integral ground spike features a heavy duty, 4mm thick, steel captive target plate with a floating pivot point making reloading a simple task. Engineered in stainless steel the ground spike is over 40cm in total length and is ideal to take out in the field or down the local club to enjoy some good fun plinking as well as some serious target practice!

Above:  The ground spike is manufactured from 3mm thick solid stainless steel and is supplied with easy -peel 25mm diameter target spots to provide a clear aiming mark and record the point of impact.   How good a shot are you?


Above: A direct hit in the centre of the target plate will normally detonate most or all of the caps.  A strike on the edge of the disc may only result in partial detonation allowing another opportunity.

Left:  The Mk2 ground spike is very simple to load. The target plate is held in position over the ring cap by a strong magnet.    In order to be magnetic the laser cut target plate is manufactured from mild steel but given a tough zinc-nickel plated finish to resist corrosion.