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All FireCap targets are supplied with some removable target stickers. You may feel that a 25mm target plate (Standard Edition) is challenging enough to hit but if you like to shoot from a bench rest or are a budding marksman and use a decent telescopic sight you might appreciate the use of stickers to more accurately record the point of impact .     It is possible to  source alternative stickers of an appropriate size to use but please note that most of the readily available ones use a permanent adhesive and are much more difficult to apply, reposition and remove. They will invariably tear to leave a residue on the target plate. Our target stickers use a strong but peelable non-permanent* adhesive making replacement a much easier task.

FireCap stickers are also very useful to use as an aiming mark in their own right and will adhere to most surfaces.   You can even use them on your knock-down targets and spinners when the paint wears off and is much easier and quicker than repainting and creates much less mess!

Stickers are available in a range of colours and sizes - 25mm (Standard Edition), 32mm (Magnum Edition).     

*Please note - we use a high quality acrylic adhesive on our target stickers but after a period of time and under certain conditions even this can become more permanent and difficult to remove so we recommend removing any stickers from your target plate after a shooting session.